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What is an autoimmune disease?
Simply put, autoimmune disease is when your body turns on itself by creating autoantibodies that attack your own cells. This means that your immune system is unable to distinguish between your body and foreign invaders, like viruses and bacteria. This usually doesn’t happen all at once, but develops gradually over time. (This is one of the reasons it can be very challenging to diagnose.)

What is a leaky gut?  
The condition of “leaky gut,” known in the medical community as increased intestinal permeability, is a condition in which the lining of the intestinal tract breaks down, creating holes that allow toxins and microorganisms to leak into the surrounding tissues. When this occurs, toxins, waste products, and microorganisms enter the body systems rather than be passed through and excreted properly.

What does this have to do with autoimmune disease?
When the body is faced with external invaders, it naturally activates the immune system. When your leaky gut is constantly dumping more and more toxins and unhealthy microorganisms into your body, it becomes difficult for the immune system to regulate properly.

Not only does a leaky gut dump toxins into your system, it also isn’t absorbing nutrients like it should. So, whatever nutrients you are getting aren’t being fully utilized by the body. The immune system requires a lot of nutrients to function properly. When you are nutrient deficient, the regulatory segment of your immune system is the first thing to shut down.

The end result is that your immune system goes into overdrive to attack the toxins in your system, with no regulation to help it distinguish between the invaders and your actual body. Your immune system begins creating autoantibodies against different bodily systems.

The good news…
The good news is that it is possible to heal your leaky gut. There is increasing evidence that diet and lifestyle changes can reverse the damage to your intestinal wall, which in turn can improve the symptoms of autoimmune disease. With a little intentional lifestyle change, there is hope for those suffering from leaky gut and its related conditions.

What is the autoimmune protocol?
The autoimmune protocol is so much more than just a diet trend. Proper implementation of the autoimmune protocol requires a complete lifestyle overhaul. It considers the three components of autoimmune disease: genetics, environmental triggers, and finally, diet and daily habits.

The autoimmune protocol is a means for you to identify and address environmental and dietary triggers to help you heal. You may not have a say in your genetics, but you can control your environment to some extent, as well as your diet and exposure to toxins, especially personal care products and household toxins. 

The autoimmune protocol is all about healing you and your leaky gut from the inside out. As a Certified Autoimmune Protocol Coach, Dr. Chapman can guide you safely through diet and lifestyle changes to improve the symptoms of autoimmune disease, increase energy, and restore health.

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"I began seeing Ammie in 2010 after a four-wheeler accident. She got me moving again and feeling great! I started to see her regularly after that and haven't stopped since! Over the years, Ammie has done so much more than just my chiropractic care. She makes recommendations for my overall health and wellness. We’ve been able to address symptoms I have been dealing with my entire life through changes in my diet. As a result, my quality of life has improved drastically. My hormones are balanced and I can say for the first time I have control over my food, rather than food controlling me! I went from a pre-diabetic state to my A1C dropping over a point and a half to normal levels! In the process of addressing my gut health I have lost over 30lbs. This has not only helped my overall wellbeing, but my knee and joint pain as well.  I also take advantage of her amazing vitamin collection and Vital Proteins everyday! Oh, and don't forget your pillow! Ammie sells those, too!"

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