The science of athletic training has dramatically changed in recent years. Gone are the days where athletes spend hours building muscle in the gym. The idea that “the bigger the muscles the better the athlete” is a myth. Dr. Chapman knows that traditional bodybuilding does not train the nerves and muscles to fire together in the correct sequence or order. Elite athletes train for their specific sport, rather than simply building muscle. If you are an athlete who wants to take your training to the next level, Dr. Chapman can help.

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"For years I dealt with bilateral knee pain and swelling after any type of exercise or workout.  I visited several traditional chiropractors for the issue, with little relief. I kept returning with the same symptoms. When I discovered Dr. Chapman, she identified the root cause of why this continued to happen and taught me the exercises to strengthen my core to condition my knees to prevent further injury. Since incorporating these exercises into my daily routine, I’ve had no knee pain or swelling for five years."

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