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Research indicates that nerves move independent of other tissues. This means that in order to treat nerve pain, you must treat the affected nerve, not just the muscles, bones, and tendons surrounding them.

Traditional medicine is often quick to jump to surgery as a solution for nerve pain. However, in many cases nerve pain can be relieved by a practitioner skilled in neurodynamic assessment and treatment. Sometimes, simply learning to move your body in a new way can relieve pain and prevent surgery.

Dr. Chapman has studied with Dr. Michael Shacklock, the world’s leader in neurodynamic research. Dr. Shacklock has dedicated his career to the study of the nervous system and pain relief. His research has proven that when pain, numbness, or limited range of motion is the result of a pinched or injured nerve, the symptoms can be relieved by guided movement and lifestyle changes.

It was once believed that surgery was the only option for nerve damage. However, recent studies have proven otherwise. With proper treatment, damaged nerves can heal. Dr. Chapman is always expanding her knowledge base on the latest research and techniques for treating her patients in order to provide the best quality care in the least invasive manner. Before committing to surgery to treat your nerve pain, schedule a visit with Dr. Chapman to see if neurodynamic therapy is right for you.

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